Week3 – Billy Boy’s Birthday

15 – 21 Jan ’11

Our youngest hits double figures.

“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…”

Billy invited a bunch of mates over for a water fight and cake to celebrate the milestone of his tenth birthday. Mother Nature played along and provided a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. After lots of squealing and running around the yard the boys came inside for cake. I managed to get the candles lit without burning my fingers (three or four matches later) then we all sung a  round of Happy Birthday to You. The huffing and puffing required to blow out ten candles was almost too much for the boy, but he got there in the end.


I was pretty happy with this shot SOOC (that’s Straight Out Of Camera for the uninitiated). Just a minor adjustment on the levels and the tiniest bit of sharpening on his eyes.


F-stop f/4
Exp time 1/160 sec
ISO speed ISO-250
Focal length 50mm

I love the warm light thrown by the candles up in to his face. Also, I had the curtains (cream coloured) drawn over the window to keep the fierce afternoon sun off the dining table, which helped with the gentle warm lighting.      

And of course my fab little nifty-fifty allows for fantastic crispness.


As an interesting side note, my camera’s file numbering system clicked back to DSC0001 during the party.  So I’ve taken 10,000 shots in one year.


Super Soakers at Fifty Paces, a Space Marine Bolter for a cake, and a Fire Truck.

What more could little boys ask for?





2 responses to “Week3 – Billy Boy’s Birthday

  1. Lisa,
    Welcome to the blogosphere! Your shot of Billy certainly captures the warmth of the light as well as the warmth of the occasion. I really like it! I’m adding you to my blog roll so that others can get a chance to see your work!


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