Week4 – The Bay

22 – 28 Jan ’11

Wellington Anniversary weekend – a chance for my Lovely Man and I to get away, spend some quality time together while my Mum took care of the kids. “Thanks, Mum!”.  This is a treat we’ve often indulged in.  Late January, you can almost guarantee the weather will behave – almost.  This year we were not so lucky.  The whole of the North Island was inundated with a massive down pour caused by a huge low pressure system.  My plans to get loads of pretty shots of the Art Deco City were quite literally washed away.  Fortunately Napier was not as badly affected as some areas of the country.  But still I had to opt for indoor, out-of-the-rain photography.


The Mission

… should you choose to accept it… –  no, not really.  We’d booked ourselves on a guided tour of three wineries and a brewery for Saturday afternoon.  We were collected promptly from our accommodation by John of Hawkes Bay Scenic Tours * and whisked away, through the imposing gates of The Mission and to our first stop.

The Mission Estate Winery is the oldest winery in New Zealand, started by French Missionaries in the 1850’s.  There’s an interesting video that tells the story of the winery.

The Estate is still owned by the Church, but the site is no longer used as a seminary.  It’s now a restaurant, wedding and conference venue and the host of regular concerts by international artists.

John introduced us to a lovely young lady (whose name I’ve forgotten) who guided us through tasting a range of the Mission’s excellent wines.  And it was thanks to John’s suggestion that I set up and took this shot.    

Sadly underexposed and, as I discovered when I downloaded on to my laptop, horribly noisy.


Enter Photoshop.  Some major adjustments to levels and curves,  a quick run through noise reduction and then a little sharpening.  Hey, presto!  I hope this was the type of shot John envisioned when he suggested the wonderful Mission logo would make a great back drop.

Week4 - Mission Estate Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon

Not as sharp as I’d have liked, but I still enjoy this image.  A great reminder of a lovely afternoon.  Cheers, John!


* This is not a paid endorsement!  John’s tour was excellent, and we recommend him to anyone visiting the Bay.

A rainy weekend in the Bay


2 responses to “Week4 – The Bay

  1. Great shots and way to make the best of the soggy situation! I LOVED Napier & Hawkes Bay when I was there for a conference in 2009. I totally fell in love with NZ and am eager to get back ….

    • It surely was soggy. Napier is not a town that’s set up to deal with rain.
      I love the town, too. We will have to go back some time soon when the weather’s clearer.

      I’ve tried to comment on your West Coast photo, but the system won’t accept my post?

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