Week6 – Apiti, 125 years young

5 – 11 Feb ’11

Shameless plug – images from the Parade are available for purchase at Valley Photography

I’d read about the upcoming 125th Jubilee celebrations in the paper, and figured a parade always makes for good photo ops.  We had no other plans for Saturday, so we packed up the boys (Cat was staying with a friend in town), some bottled water, cameras and an umbrella and set off to Apiti

From the parade programme –

Apiti & Districts 125th Jubilee                                                     4th, 5th and 6th of February 2011

In February 1885, a surveyor’s party inspected the 10,000 acres of the Apiti block with a view to settlement.  Following purchase of the land from the Government the heavy bush land was then surveyed in sections of approximately 100 acres each.  A ballot for the 82 rural sections was held in May 1886, the price being 1 pound per acre.  The first settlers took up their land within 6 weeks, spending months under canvas in the frosts of an Apiti winter.

The parade and displays are a tribute to our predecessors who withstood many hardships, that we might enjoy a better life.

There was a wonderful turnout of spectators, despite the rain – the colourful display of umbrellas adding to the festive atmosphere.  The Feilding & District Pipe Band lead a parade of antique and vintage vehicles, floats, horses, dogs and barmaids.  In an inspired move the organisers had the Parade follow a loop course, meaning that we saw the whole thing twice, once from the right and then again from the left (twice as many photo ops!).  The vehicles were arranged such that the old version was followed by its modern equivalent.  The horse drawn milk cart, driver in period costume, was followed by the new Fonterra tanker.  The antique grader towed behind an old tractor, followed by Higgins’ newest Volvo machine.   And the people!  A collection of colourful characters smiling and entertaining the crowd as the rain poured down…

The Stockman, the Clown and the Barmaid

The rainy, overcast sky had that giant soft box effect, deadening shadows and creating some amazingly vibrant colours.  All these shots have only had a minor adjustment to bring up the black level, and a little sharpening.  The colours are SOOC. Oh – the clown has had the colour from the background removed to help him stand out.

I’m fairly certain the stockmen were the real deal.  They looked a little overwhelmed by all the attention – and I don’t think their dogs had ever seen so many people.

Apiti 125 yrs

Week6 - The Stockman

Swagger the Clown.  What a charmer, he kindly tipped his hat to me when he saw

the camera.

Apiti 125 yrs

Week6 - The Clown

The pretty barmaid from the Apiti Tavern with a beautiful smile (and waterproof makeup).

Apiti 125 yrs

Week6 - The Barmaid

All the fun of a Parade


3 responses to “Week6 – Apiti, 125 years young

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  2. An awesome weekend as usual a great time had in Apiti! So happy to see your fab photos cause mine aren’t anywhere as good:-)

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