Week7 – Nana’s Ninetieth

12 – 18 Feb ’11

Joyce Blanchard, my Nana, turns 90 years old on 22 Feb 2011.  She was born in 1921 and has seen the world change an enormous amount in her lifetime.  My dad organised a family get-together to mark the milestone on Saturday. The kidlets and I also got to meet my cousin  Cindy’s baby,  Nana’s newest great-grandson Daniel, just one month old.  Sadly my Grandad Norm passed away seven years ago.  But all the rest of Joyce’s family were on hand to  celebrate with food, cake and flowers.  And an orgy of photography.  It seems there’s a photography gene in our family.  I think Nana was a little overwhelmed by all the cameras.

Happy Birthday Nana

The weather was glorious, which meant we could all be outside on the deck at Dad’s place.   Nana was seated in an easy chair and everyone gathered around her.  Baby Daniel was the star of the show, a sweet-natured little boy who just lapped up all the attention.

Nana Joyce and Baby Daniel

Zoe helped Nana blow out the candles, then we all sang a rousing round of  “Happy Birthday to You, Nana/Mum/Joyce”.  The cake was rich, chocolatey and delish – even if the heat made the icing melt.

Nana and Zoe blow out the candles

And then there’s the Weirdy Weirdo from Weirdsville….

Weirdy Weirdo from Weirdsville

Jake was goofing around (No? Really?!) with Greg’s camera, so I snapped him with mine.  I love the light that reflected up from the glass topped table to my left.  The angle of the shot up in to his face and below his hat brim is testimony to the fact that my twelve year old son is taller than me.


The big thing that I learned from this day was that I REALLY need to invest in a flash, and learn how to use it.





2 responses to “Week7 – Nana’s Ninetieth

  1. Outstanding blog Lisa. Really really love it. Your photography skills have surpassed mine for sure, your shots are well thought out and you’ve got the techo camera stuff well sorted. I think I’ll be getting some serious Photoshop lessons from you too – 🙂

    Can you add a little detail on some of images re lens/focal length/ISO etc? Your exif data on the original .jpg should have that stuff – or are you shooting RAW now? Would be really interesting to see how much you can push the D90 around to get your shot – esp the Mission wine bottle setup and the barrels – I imagine the light be not so good in some of those winery places.

    Keep up the blog, I can’t wait to see how the rest the year turns out 🙂

    G Bro

    ps Soooo sad to hear about Austin! *sad_face*

    pps Curious to see what you get up to with ur polarizer 😐

    ppps Borrow my speedlight. It’s SB-800, booklet is about 6 hours reading, but it has auto settings too….remote firing via radio transmitter is cool , can have the light @ 90 degrees or behind subject, good for playing! 🙂

    • Wow – thanks for the encouraging feedback. 😀
      I really don’t have much of the techno stuff sorted. A lot of ‘winging it’, really.
      As for Photoshop – I have barely scratched the surface. I’d love to get hold of a more updated version, but too costly at the moment.
      Not shooting RAW, can’t for the life of me make the PS CS2 that I have read RAW files, even though the Adobe site says it should. Grr.
      Yet another thing to add to my wish list.
      I hope to have a play with the polarizer this weekend.
      I’ve read a lot about using external flash, I’d love to have a play.

      How did your shots from the weekend come out? I’ve still got all the group family shots to deal with.
      Lots of closed eyes and people looking in all directions. 😦


      PS – love you user name!! 😀

      PPS – I can add the exif info. I guess I should have done that, as this is a Photo Blog.

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