Week10 – Windows and Windmills

5 – 11 March ’11

Te Apiti Wind Farm

Construction of the wind farm on the Ruahine  ranges began in 2003 and was  completed within 12 months.     The official opening, by the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Helen Clark was held on 9 December 2004.

Read Meridian’s official blurb on the Te Apiti Wind Farm.  Interestingly, on  page 3 there’s a picture of our very own Fire Chief, Neil Alexander, taken at the commissioning of the van that Meridian funded for the Ashhurst Brigade.

There was a lot of controversy over the building of the wind farms on the hills above the Manawatu.  People objected on the grounds of ecology and noise pollution, there was talk of a danger to aviation, and the possibility of bird strike.  Some people just don’t like the way they look.

Personally, I love the turbines up there.   I think they enhance the sky line, and they make excellent weather vanes.   They have become a symbol of home. Whenever we return from a trip away – if you can see the ‘windmills’ you know you’re nearly there.  I can see a few of the turbines from my kitchen and living room, and the view changes with the light and the weather.

The View from my Windows

This week’s post is a little later than usual due to a computer hiccup.  My laptop has been at the doc’s a couple of times over the past week and a half, and has returned to me in the exact same state as when it left.  In other words, slow as a wet week.  The fault remains undiagnosed, and I’m unable to be upgraded to Windows7.  I’m stuck with Vista 😦

So I struggle on…

I’d been lacking in inspiration this week.  The weather at the weekend had not been conducive to  photography, grey and rainy (this does not bode well for the blog through the winter months!).  However the weather picked up once we all headed back to school and work – typical.  Sitting outside one evening as the Lovely Man barbequed I noticed the light falling rather prettily on the wind turbines and the hills.  An idea struck – the changing views of the hills from our place.  Over the next couple of days I’ve taken shots under  different conditions.

These pictures are the result:-

Each shot has had a levels and sharpness tweaked.

From our drive way

Lowering clouds in the East provide a nice backdrop, with the late afternoon sun shining in from the West, creating bright white light on the turbines and the hill side.  Our neighbour’s cabbage tree makes an interesting spikey counterpoint in the foreground.  I do wonder if the shot would have been better had the tree also been in focus.

Wind Turbines - Afternoon

F-stop               f/5.6
Exp                    1/160 sec
ISO                     200
Focal length   112mm


From my kitchen window

As the sun sinks lower the clouds turn pink and the tree becomes a silhouette.

Wind Turbines - Evening

For this shot I selected just the turbines, and used Curves to reduce the red of the sunset light,  allowing the bright white to shine.

F-stop                  f/5.3
Exp                       1/100 sec
ISO                       200
Focal length    86mm


From the living room window

A misty morning, just after sunrise.  This time the ever-present cabbage tree has some colour. And I’ve made a point of having both foreground and distant subject in focus by using a smaller aperture, allowing for greater depth of field.  If I’d been a little quicker with my camera I would have had two black birds in the tree too.  Oh well,’the one that got away’ is not only a fisherman’s story.

Wind Turbines - Morning

F-stop                 f/9
Exp                      1/160 sec
ISO                      200
Focal length   50mm








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