Week21 – Rugby and Gardening

21-27 May ’11

A fairly quiet weekend at home.  The rugby season has started, our regular winter Saturday mornings are winding up again.  And the Lovely Man and I decided we’d do a bit of sprucing up the yard, brighten the place up for winter.

Saturday Morning Rugby.

Shameless plug – all my shots from Saturday’s game are available at Valley Photography 

I photographed Jake’s rugby team, the Ashhurst U11‘s,  all last season. It was this project that prompted me to move from Auto, through Av and on to Manual. The Auto settings just could not handle the low light, fast action that is school boy rugby on early winter mornings. So by the end of last season I was feeling quite good, and had become proficient at capturing the action. The first game of the new season for the Ashhurst U12’s was three weekends ago. It was dull and overcast, and I’d managed to get the polarising filter stuck on my zoom lens. I was disappointed with the results, seemed to have lost the ‘knack’. The following weekend saw some improvement – getting my eye in.    And my Lovely Man had been able to remove the filter for me.
This weekend the conditions conspired to make for great photo opportunities.  I am really pleased with the pictures I got on Saturday.
These are a series of shots of Jake heading in to score the first try for his team this season. I didn’t record the actual try, partly because he was way down the field and heading away from me, but mostly because I was too busy cheering him on to take any more photos!

Ashhurst U12 vs Marist U12 Green

The step thru

Ashhurst U12 vs Marist U12 Green

The fend

Ashhurst U12 vs Marist U12 Green

The side step

Ashhurst U12 vs Marist U12 Green

Put the pedal to the metal

F-stop                      f/8
Exposure time    1/500sec
ISO speed              ISO-320
Focal length         125mm

Winter Colour 

On the way home from the game we stopped in at the garden center and picked up a whole swag of pansy plants, and some rainbow silverbeet to put in the garden.  We spent the afternoon planting and tidying.  Then I spent a few minutes pottering with my camera.

Pansy and rainbow silverbeet

New Winter Colour

colour, winter

Lurking in the garden


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