Week25 – Class Photo

18 – 24 June ’11

One of Cat’s teachers is leaving the country, she’s heading to Japan with her husband.  Cat decided it would be nice if Mrs Triggs had a momento of the class, so she arranged a time for me to visit the school with my camera.

Goofing around

Cat’s class is very small to start out with.  A couple of kids away and I’m down to  a tiny group. I don’t think these guys really wanted their photo taken.  Here are the results, casual and hopefully a nice keepsake for their teacher.

This first shot I took to check my exposure settings while the kids were goofing around.  Over exposed.  But I liked the accidental effect.  So I’ve tweaked the contrast and exposure a little further to create a fun shot of kids being kids.

Get ready...

I took several shots, they really where not interested in getting a decent, sensible pose.  This was the one I liked best out of bunch.  Upped the saturation a bit to enhance the ‘fun’ value.

All together!

Cat and Bryleigh wanted one together.

Cat and Bryleigh

Let me know what you think!

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