Week27 – Cat Cooks

2- 8 July ’11

Catherine decided she wanted to do some of the cooking this weekend.  So I decided I try my hand at a bit of food photography.

And I’m still using the nifty-fifty as my zoom hasn’t returned from the shop. 

Saturday Lunch

Our gas hot plate BBQ is the perfect place to cook up a whole stack of toasted sandwiches.  Cat buttered and sliced, chopped and arranged.  Then she enlisted Dad’s help for the ‘turning over’ bit.

BBQ sandwiches

The production line

And here they are in all their melty-cheese glory –

Barbequed sandwiches

BBQ grilled sammies

Brooklyn Blackout Cake 

Gran had recently given the kids a cook book to share.  It’s the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, full of delicious cakes, brownies, muffins and cupcakes. Cat liked the look of the Brooklyn Blackout Cake – rich, dark chocolate cake oozing an even richer chocolate custard icing.  It’s called blackout cake because the almost-whole-tin of cocoa powder that goes in to it makes for a very dark result. And did I mention rich? 

Photography in my kitchen is somewhat challenging.  I managed one half-way decent shot during the production.  This is the final stage of making the chocolate custard.  If you look hard you can see the steam rising from the hot mixture as Cat stirred it…

Chocolate custard

I did not get in quick enough to take a shot of the whole cake before the ravening hoards pounced.  This is the last piece that was left in the fridge – photographed by fridge light.

Brooklyn Blackout Cake - the remains

More custard icing than cake – yikes!

One final word 

I fear I may be boring my readers with rugby, but I had to make one shout out to the Ashhurst U12’s who won their first game of the season this Saturday.  Well done guys!

School boy rugby

Ashhurst U12 vs Bulls - Congrats Ashhurst on a great win!

The rest of the shots from the game can be viewed at Valley Photography


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