Week31 – Meh

30 Jul – 5 Aug ’11

Still struggling for inspiration.

Our Yard

Some shots around the back yard on Sunday.

I have a large bed of these iris’.  I don’t know how many plants there are now, but each is a clone of its neighbour.  I found the original corm wedged in the fence at our old place, getting on for 20 years ago.  I didn’t know what it was, so I put it in my little potting shed and left it for months – no soil, no water.  One day I noticed it sprouting, so I planted it.  A beautiful purple flower just like this one was the result.  When we moved house, I took the corm and its daughters with us.  They hung about in various pots, cloning and repotting for years and years. Eventually we decided on the final destination, a large square bed under the silk tree in our back yard.  There must be over 100 individual plants. If we should ever move, I’ll take a few with us.


We bought a couple of ornamental manuka to brighten up the native border.  These two little shrubs create a wonderful display all winter.

Pink Manuka

Four or five years ago I was looking for something to add to my flower bed.  I’ve always liked the hellebores, but wasn’t sure they’d be right for the conditions I had.  I bought just one and popped it in to see how it’d get along.  This little fellow has grown and bloomed happily for several seasons, and there are babies coming up in the mulch.

Hellebore - the winter rose

A case of four-seasons-in-one-day.  Brilliant blue, a sudden southerly that brought cold temperatures and hail, a heavy down pour of rain, then blue again.  Mother Nature finished off the day with a gentle orange sunset.

Sunset - the end of a late winter day.


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