Week32 – A tourist in my own town.

6 – 12 Aug ’11

Man, an interesting week.  I feel like I’ve fallen in to a TV show.  I managed to get myself selected to serve on a jury, and the whole situation is so completely outside my normal daily life that it feels unreal.  One aspect that’s a lot different to my regular schedule (and the only one I can talk about until after the trial is over) is having over an hour break for lunch.  Wednesday had a nice early-spring feel to it, so I spent some time walking around the center of town with my camera.


It’s funny, I’ve wandered many cities around the world snapping photographs of the wonderful architecture on offer.  But I’ve never taken the time to photograph the lovely buildings in Palmy.  After a quick lunch on a park bench in the Square, I decided to go for a walk to stretch my legs and take in some fresh air.  (Hours subjected to air conditioning is another thing I’m not used to.)

Giant Chess Set - The Square, Palmerston North

The giant chess set is a new addition to the Square.  On the Friday after I took this shot, I watched a couple of young guys having a game.  The chess pieces do not get locked away, they belong to the community and the hope is that the community will look after them.  I hope so too.  One day I’ll find a partner and take the time play a game.

Kilwinning Building - Lodge No. 47

The Manawatu Lodge premises on Church Street.  I like the juxtaposition of the Lodge building, which is over 100 years old, with the modern communications tower on the Telecom building over on Main Street.

McDonalds Corner

The building on the corner of Church and Square was for many years covered up with Golden Arches, and a ‘clip on’ glazed area the housed the kids play ground for McDonalds.  Some time last year, McDees moved out of this premises and all the clutter was removed.  The clean, elegant art deco Bryants Building revealed beneath is lovely.

FMG Building

The old and the new – the recently revamped Plaza shopping mall, the glass facade of the FMG building reflects the TSB Bank, with the All Saints church spire in the distance.


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