Week34 – Honours

20 – 26 Aug ’11

The annual Honours Night for the Ashhurst Volunteer Fire Brigade was held this week at the RSA in Palmertson North.    As always, a big thanks goes to the crew from the Feilding Brigade who made the trip over and slept on station to allow our guys some time off and a night out, secure in the knowledge that our community is well cared for.

Honours and Awards

Each year we take the time to honour the achievements and celebrate the successes of Brigade members.  This year we farewell DCFO John Bragg, who is retiring after serving over thirty years in the NZ Fire Service.   I am very proud to say the my Lovely Man has received official word that he will be promoted to Deputy Chief Fire Officer on JB’s retirement.

Honoured and Invited Guests

The Man of the Moment - DCFO John 'JB' Bragg

I’d taken my lil’ nifty fifty with me for the evening.  Knowing that low-ish light was likely the extra aperture would come in handy, and also feeling more comfortable with the short lens over the zoom when photographing candids.  I feel that the little lens is less obtrusive and people relax more than they can with a big zoom shoved in their faces.  I also kept the flash to a minimum, and have upped the exposure of all these shots in post.   I’ve learned over the last year that I really enjoy candid event shooting, and a more photo-journalistic style over posed shots.  I try to keep my eye out for ‘moments’, such as the shot above of John holding his grandchild.

Among the honours handed out during the evening, three members received their medals for completing five years in the Service.

Five Year Medals

Geoff-Yeah, Footie and Graham were posing together for another photographer, so I took the opportunity when it presented itself.

Once the formal part of the evening was over, the fun awards were handed out…

And the award goes to :-

… and the new recruits paraded, under the command of their training officer.

New Recruits - Attention!

These shots I took from my seat, not wanting to interrupt proceedings.  Shot with no flash or zoom, they’ve been cropped and better exposed in post.  While not stunning from a technical view-point, they’re more of those ‘moments’ that make great memories.

This was the first test shot that I took to check my exposure.  


Shooting RAW allows for a whole lot of post processing scope.

Deep in thought - Noel takes a moment of contemplation

A litte bit of flash caught the action on the dance floor. 

Hitting the dance floor

2 responses to “Week34 – Honours

  1. Hi Lisa, I love getting these emails. Awesome.
    I was just getting my A into G, and saving the photos you posted of the Honours Night, There were a couple of the little girlies dancing— but I cant seem to find them anymore— where else would I look?

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