Week35 – The end of an era

27 Aug – 2 Sept ’11

The sun goes down on an important part of a young lad’s life….

To dramatic?  😀

Jake’s last game

This Saturday Jake played his last game for the Ashhurst Junior Rugby Club.  He’s played rugby since he was 7 years old .   Next year he’s off to high school, and will be playing for his school team.  Of course he’s not the only member of his team who’ll be at high school next year –  Grant, Reuben, Cody, Dylan, Nicholas, Oscar, Lewis, Cameron, Jack and Patrick are all moving on.

Ashhurst U12 rugby team

Photographing the boys’ games over the last two seasons has helped develop (no pun intended) my photography skills.  I find now that I can look at the sky and figure out approximately what settings I’m going to need to freeze the action, with well exposed shots and reasonable depth of field.  I’ve learned how to pan with the action, and how to keep a moving target in focus.  It was practicing on rugby that gave me the confidence, through necessity, to move from the auto functions on to manual.  The camera’s auto settings just could not cope with the low light of overcast winter mornings, combined with fast paced subjects.

Jake vs College Old Boys - all by himself!

F-stop                  f/8
Exp time            1/500 sec
ISOspeed           ISO-200
Focal length    50mm 

I was very surprised in the change in the amount of light this week from the light available a month ago, even under overcast skies.  I was able to shoot this game at ISO-200 and still have enough light for the fast 1/500 sec exposures.  In the depths of winter I’d been pushing it up to ISO-1000.  Amazing how the human eye and brain is able to compensate without us even noticing the difference.

Jubilation - the victors

This is one of those ‘moments’.  The boys won the game, only their third win for the season, and they were thrilled.

As I’ve looked back over the shots I have collected over the years, first with my P&S and then the DSLR, I see things that I never used to notice or think about – horizontal horizons, the players face and the ball both in shot and in focus.

I’ve put together a collection of my photographs over the last four seasons, both the boys and my skills have grown.   To the boys who are moving on to bigger and better things, I wish you all the very best.

7 responses to “Week35 – The end of an era

  1. Lisa,
    Thanks for the video! It was great, a real treat to watch. Can’t wait to show Nic! Boy have they grown up.

  2. Way to cool – A new era begins

  3. so watching all those games over the years had some side benefits in the way of photography practise. I am similar with dragon boat racing. Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the start of spring. And thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi.

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