Week36 – A Tart of Apples and Oranges

3 – 9 Sept ’11

Billy the Kid found a recipe for a  dessert that apparently harks back to the knight age.  He tells me Lords and Ladies feasted on this marmalade tart.

Apples and Oranges Baked in a Pie

Started out with the old Sigma zoom – it’s what was on the camera and when you’re baking and making dinner there’s not much time to stop and swap lenses!  I should have known.  Low light situation + poorly lens = not good shots…

Tart in the making

The zoom lens will soon be making a trip back to the repair shop.  It is still have issues with focusing, and is now doing some weird jumping/vibration thing.

After dinner was eaten, with the pie in the oven I took the time to swap to my 50mm lens.  Ah, that wide open aperture,  narrow DoF, much better for the lighting and an improvement on the composition.

Tart, up close and personal

And with a little setting up, an embroidered cloth, antique plate and silver fork, a scoop of icecream and a wee garnish of orange peel – viola!

A Tart of Apples and Oranges

F-stop                  f/2.8
Exposure           1/60 sec
ISO Speed          ISO-1000
Focal length     50mm

It was delicious!  Those Lords and Ladies sure knew how to feast.

The receipt  (Printable version)

Apple and Orange Tart recipe

Tart receipt


Let me know what you think!

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