Week38 – Rugby World Cup – South Africa vs Fiji

17-23 Sept ’11

The Lovely Man and I were offered three tickets to the South Africa vs Fiji game in Wellington.  We could not say no.  We traded the third ticket for a bed at my brother’s place in the capital.


Walking from town out to the Stadium (not ‘Westpac’ Stadium, they didn’t pay for RWC advertising)  the party atmosphere was ramping up.  As the Lovely Man, Bro and I walked along the water front, we noticed a colourful clutch of rugby fans behind us.  I dashed up a handy set of steps to get some shots over the crowd.  And some of the crowd noticed the camera.

South Africa - Go Boks

There are enough South Africans in the country to support a rugby team, so the rest of us adopted Fiji for the duration.

Fiji supporters - BULA!!!

Dang,  missed the focus in this one.  But I love their outfits.

The fellow in the centre of this shot with the PaleToe hat gets around.   Here he is, snapped by Richard Robinson for the NZ Herald at the North Harbour stadium cheering on his team against Namibia.

South African supporter - Wellington

Devoted fan - this guy really gets around.

It is my ambition to one day see the All Blacks perform their haka live.  For now I had to settle for the Fijian version.   The TV lights inside the stadium make for excellent photography lighting.   What I wouldn’t give to be that photographer down there on the field!

Fijian haka

Mostly I wanted shots of the crowd, so I’d purposely brought the 50mm with me.  ( And the zoom is just not reliable, sadly).  Colourful supporters were everywhere.

Bright knits are the order of the day

Home made signs and RWC merchandise

Lots of flags

South African flag at RWC

The flag sellers must be making a killing

Go Fiji! A SA supporter looking intent

And animated

The half-time leg stretch, and ritual checking of the phones

Fijian penalty RWC

Back to the game

Go Bokke. Make us proud

I think that the camera settings for these shots would be somewhat irrelevant. They’ve almost all been pushed around so much in post as to be unrecognizable from the SOOC versions.

In the end the Bokke beat the Fijians 49-3, a result that was not unexpected.  And we cheated.  Weary from all the cheering and chanting, we  took a taxi from the Railway Station back up to Bro’s place.  It looked like Welly Central was set to par-tay.


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