Week39 – RWC Georgia vs Romania

24 – 30 Sept ’11

I’ve had the tickets for the two local Rugby World Cup games for months.  I didn’t want to miss out on being involved in this fantastic international tournament.  Who knows if we’ll ever see it back here in NZ again.

Go Georgia!! 

Georgia is playing two pool games in Palmy, so we decided we’d adopt them.  Red and white is the order of the day.  Mum’s knitted us all a beanie, we have tee shirts printed by a local businessman and home made flags.

RWC Georgia v Romania

TeeShirts and Beanies - Go Georgia

 It seemed like the whole town had come out to party.  All the locals had picked a side, the split seemed fairly even between yellow for Romania and red for Georgia.    Again the 50mm is great for getting shots of the crowd.

RWC Georgia v Romania

Supporters on the walk to the stadium

RWC Georgia v Romania3


 It seemed every second person had a camera.

RWC Georgia v Romania

Cameras galore

The FMG Stadium is small, so we had a great view of the field.

RWC Georgia v Romania

We will respect a man's anthem, even when he murders it

RWC Georgia v Romania - the action

And my favourite supporter…

Georgian supporter

My favourite supporter

Let me know what you think!

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