Week40 (Part2) – RWC Georgia vs Argentina

1-7 Oct ’11

The second Rugby World Cup game to be held in Palmerston North.  Sunday morning we headed in to town, complete with face paint and tee-shirts.  No need for the woolly hats this time, the weather was balmy and the promised rain held off.

Party Town 

This time I decided I give the zoom lens a chance to redeem itself.  Figuring that I already had Saturday’s shots to blog, and last weeks game photos, if the zoom didn’t work at all it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

Palmy has really got behind the teams who were assigned games in our city.  The council had arranged a culture and music festival in the Square to get everyone in the mood before Sunday afternoon’s game.  With a picnic lunch on board we headed in to town to see what was happening.

The Argentine team has a big following, and a whole lot of genuine Argentinians arrived in town to support their boys.

Palmerston North Rugby World Cup

Argentinians in the Square

F-Stop                f/10
Exposure time   1/320sec
ISO Speed         ISO-200
Focal length       86mm

We were entertained by some murderous clownettes.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I know who dunnit.)

Palmerston North Street theatre

Manawatu Dreaming - Street threatre project

F-Stop                 f/10
Exposure time    1/320sec
ISO-Speed          ISO-200
Focal length       70mm

Again we walked to the venue through the streets, along with almost everyone else.  The band played, the crowd gathered and the forecast rain held off.

Army band

Threatening rain clouds

F-stop                 f/10
Exposure time    1/320sec
ISO speed          ISO-200 
Focal length       50mm

Using the wide angle on the zoom allowed me to get a shot of the stadium in three frames, stitched together with ZoomBrowser’s stitching programme.

(Click on the picture to view full size)

Arena Manawatu, Georgia vs Argentina, Rugby World Cup

Stadium Panorama

(3 frames stitched)
F-stop                 f/10
Exposure time    1/320sec
ISO speed          ISO-200
Focal length       18mm 

We Georgian supporters were totally outnumbered by the voluble Argentinians.

Supporters Palmerston North Rugby World Cup

Argentina outnumbers Georgia

And though our team didn’t win we still enjoyed a great spectacle.

Rugby World Cup Palmerston North

Georgia vs Argentina

The zoom lens did not disgrace itself.  It is doing some weird things, the image jumps around while viewing, but still seems to work when actually pressing the shutter.  I wouldn’t like to try to use is for anything too detailed or important.  It worked OK for snap shots.


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  1. Thanks Lisa, I really enjoy your posts.

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