Week 43 – Wabbit!

22-28 Oct ’11

Labour Weekend saw us spending three nights in Mangaweka

A boy’s first kill

Jake and Nathan have been out shooting several times over the last couple of years.  The boy has not managed to hit anything before now.  With the aid of a new ‘scope he succeeded.

Rabbit hunting

Jake with his wabbit

F-stop                    f/9
Exposure time       1/200sec
ISO speed             ISO-200 
focal length          50mm

The mid-morning sun was bright, so I set my built in flash to provide a bit of fill light.  As we mucked about setting up a pose that did not involve Jake shooting himself, or having his elbow sticking out at an awkward angle, the sun veiled itself behind a light cloud.  The result worked out rather well.   I did have the aperture set too small, making the background sharp.  I’ve Photoshopped the bushes with a bit of blur.  I maybe should have spent a little more time of this aspect.


Let me know what you think!

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