Week 47 – There’s two sides to every story

19 – 25 Nov ’11 

Our old garden shed has been getting rather tired looking.  It’s a bit of an eye sore at the bottom of the section, so we decided it was time to give her a makeover.


A Makeover

This shed started life as an army barracks.  We acquired it from an acquaintance who no longer wanted it in his yard.  He’d used it to house his collection of treasures as a child, but now it was in the way.  The shed was lifted on to a truck and transported from Mangaweka to our old place, where the Lovely Man used it as a private museum.  When we moved to our present home, the shed came too. 

Shed on the move

It wasn’t needed as the museum any more, so became my garden/potting shed.  We removed the corrugated iron to reveal the original wooden weather board cladding. At that time it had only a door, no window.  An aluminium window that we’d acquired with our new property (it was left behind in the garage by the previous owners) was installed to let in some more light.

 So our much travelled barrack has been sitting at the bottom of the garden, doing good service as a potting shed but quietly peeling and rotting in places.  Not really much of a vista from the deck down the garden path.

 The recipe: – First, scrape and sand back, replace the rotten boards.  Make up some corner cappings and a nice new window frame.  Paint as desired. 



The Arty Shots

 For the sake of photography, I decided to try a couple of more artistic shots.

Some Wally jumped in to this one….


Where’s Wally?


 Two sides

Some time soon we will get the other side fixed up. 

Two sides



Let me know what you think!

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