Week 48 – Garden light

26 Nov – 2 Dec ’11

Some more yard work this weekend.  At the end of the day I noticed the low evening sun illuminating the garden.


This sweet little sculpture was a gift to me from my late mother-in-law, Bernadette.   It’s new position in the garden means it catches the setting sunlight.

Cherubs - original

 F-stop                  f/5
Exposure time     1/320sec 
ISO speed             ISO-200
Focal length         55mm 

The picture needed a little tweaking to realise what I’d envisioned.  I had the camera set on auto white balance, so it’d removed the warm evening tones.  These I replaced in Lightroom.  Then  quick dash over to Photoshop to apply a vignette to enhance the intimacy of a stolen kiss.  Some times overdone, I think for this shot it works?

Cherubs in golden light

Lavender Blue 

I have tubs of English lavender growing along the deck.  The setting sun always lights the flowers beautifully at this time of year.

Lavender light

 F-stop                  f/5.6
Exposure time     1/400sec 
ISO speed             ISO-200
Focal length         125mm 

Larger aperture allow for the narrow depth of field that has only one flower in focus, the rest blurring out nicely.


Let me know what you think!

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