Click One-Hundred-and-Four?

Maybe not.

But I am going to continue with this blog.  I’ve really had fun producing the last year’s worth of ramblings and clickings.  This year will see a new focus. Or a better focus.

 I’ve found over the last twelve months that the photography I enjoy most involves people – informal portraits and events, that type of thing.  So the next fifty two posts will be all about people.  I aim to master correct lighting for portraiture.  But I am not interested in formal studio shots.  These will be a series of environmental portraits – that is shots of people “doing their thing”.  They might be candid, casual or impromptu, but all will feature the people I meet as we go about our daily lives.  And at this time I wish to make each week’s post a shot of a different person. Hopefully I will head towards more posed, structured and properly lit shots as the year progresses.

Welcome to 2012.  Best wishes to all for the New Year.


Let me know what you think!

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