WeekThree – Dr Genevieve, Veterinarian

15 – 21 January ’12

Cat’s cat, Spirit, was due for her shots.  I decided to take the opportunity to try out my “May I photograph you for my project?” spiel.   Dr Genevieve kindly consented to have her photo taken.

(I note that the portraits on Cahill’s web site have been very professionally done – something to aspire to.)

Dr Genevieve

F-stop                    F/5.6
Exposure time        1/125sec
ISO speed              ISO-320 
Focal length           50mm 
Flash                     Not fired 

The consulting room is well light with a large window and overhead lights. This was my first shot to see how I’d get on without the flash.  Not good – this picture has had the exposure brought up in post.  Also I was a bit too close, already backed up against the wall and unable to get the cat in the shot.  I had originally planned to take the 18-125 with me, but had run out of time to switch when we needed to leave the house to make our appointment.  I like the composition of this picture, but the focus is off.  I’ve managed to get the doc’s tunic in perfect focus and missed her face.  I also don’t know why I chose 1/125sec as the shutter speed.  It’s faster than necessary for a slow moving subject, and just reduced the exposure.  I found that I went a bit blank.  I know how to control the camera manually for correct exposure.  I think uttering the words “I am a photographer” out loud gave me stage fright.

Moving across the room in to the corner I was able to get the whole picture in the picture, so to speak.

Dr Genevieve and Spirit

F-stop                    F/5.6
Exposure time        1/125sec
ISO speed              ISO-320 
Focal length           50mm 
Flash                     Fired 

This time I used the built in flash, set to 1/32 power, just enough to brighten up the scene a little.

If I had not been reading so much about portraiture lighting recently, I would probably have been really happy with these shots.  As it is, I see how very poorly lit they are.

I also need to work on my people skills.  I found it impossible to interrupt the vet and ask her to look up at me.  Something else to work on.


Let me know what you think!

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