WeekFive – Something beginning with L

29 Jan – 4 Feb ’12

This weekend we celebrated my Mum’s birthday with a party dinner –  “Come dressed as something beginning with L”.  I took along my new speedlight to see if I could get some well lit shots to remember the occasion.

Apart from a couple of test shots that I’d taken in the living room at home, this was the first time I’d attempted to use the light.  Chimping my shots as I went along through the evening, I was fairly pleased with what I was getting.   When I downloaded the files to the computer I was… not so pleased.  Lots of post work is going to be required to bring these up to anything worth sharing.

I’ve picked out one of my favourites.  My mum, Linda the Lavender Lady, with her singing teacher and friend, Cathy the silver Leopard.

Birthday party

Linda and Cathy

 F-stop    f/6.3
Exposure   1/160sec
ISO speed     ISO-250
Focal length 34mm 

Despite the flash this shot was way under-exposed.  I’ve brought up the exposure, colour corrected and carried out some sharpening and smoothing. I am increasingly convinced that there’s something wrong with the lens/camera.  The area just above and camera left of center continuously comes out out-of-focus, with the surrounding areas well focused.  In the original composition this was the area right where Mum’s face is.  Both ladies are more-or-less on the same focal plane, and f/6.3 should allow sufficient depth of field to have them both sharp at this shooting distance.  Grr.  I’ve corrected as much as I could in post.

Happy Birthday, Mum!

As requested, here’s the link to the rest of the shots from the party 


Let me know what you think!

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