WeekSix – The Miller

5 – 11  Feb ’12

To celebrate 100 years of International Harvester in New Zealand, the local vintage machinery society held an Agricultural Expo.  We took along our 1939 Farmall tractor, and my camera.

This gent was grinding wholemeal flour and cornmeal with a mill powered by a steam engine that we’ve met previously.

The Miller

 F-stop                 f/11
Exposure time      1/200sec
ISO speed            ISO-200 
Focal length         50mm
Flash mode         No flash 

Still suffering from ‘ask-a-random-stranger-to-pose-for-me-aphobia’, I could not bring myself to ask him if I could take his picture. So I had to be sneaky while he was busy.  Dang it.   Which is silly, especially as the newspaper photographer had no problem getting this bloke and his mates to pose for him!

I did buy a bag of his flour, took it home and made a delicious loaf of wholemeal bread to have with our dinner.  Yum!


Let me know what you think!

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