WeekNine – I need a new model

26 Feb – 3 March ’12

Another week of experimenting.  This time the point is to illustrate how different intensities of light can affect ‘depth of field’ of the light captured. That is, keeping the subject correctly exposed, but varying the amount of light which hits the background.

Billy - Losing it

Though I understand the concept, I don’t think the execution was much good.  The background barely darkens through the series, and the subject is not well exposed in any of the shots.

Something I do notice is that the closer/brighter the flash the more significant it is in the picture.  Which makes sense.  The first shot (far left) is almost completely lit by the flash at camera right, whereas the last shot (far right) is influenced to a far greater degree by the window light at camera left.  Again, this is obvious in theory, but nice to see in practice.

I need to find myself a new model.  This one slowly lost his grip on reality as we went along….


2 responses to “WeekNine – I need a new model

  1. Linda Larsen AKA Gran

    I think that your model is very much being himself – a cheeky little imp that took 3 shots to come to life. Gran

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