WeekTen – Beach Babe

3 – 10 March ’12

True to form, the Manawatu puts on a stunning Autumn.  After a complete fizzer of a summer, we finally see some sun.  And the beach beckons.

We packed up the kids and a picnic lunch and headed for Himitangi.  Along with half the local population.  Boys tossing rugby balls, girls on horses, kids with kites, and a few brave souls who ventured in to the water – the beach was humming.

A  wee tot, with her Grandma in tow, was checking out the sand.  I am not sure she was too impressed with this gritty stuff.

Baby at the beach

Beach Babe

F-stop                   f/8
Exposure time      1/320sec
ISO speed              ISO-200
Focal length         125mm 

I didn’t take my flash with me to the beach, so I’ve had to brighten the shadows some in post.


2 responses to “WeekTen – Beach Babe

  1. Linda Larsen AKA Gran

    So you found a new model then – did you ask her permission Ha! Ha! Ha!

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