Small Holder’s 2013

1 Feb ’13

We’ve been attending the Lion’s Small Holder’s auction for years.

2011 – “Every January the Ashhurst Pohangina Lions Club holds its annual Small Holder’s Auction on Andrew McDonald’s farm. This is the Club’s major fund raiser for the year. Thousands of people make the drive from Palmerston North and surrounding areas to check out the livestock and chattels that are auctioned off in small lots.”

2012 – “Every year we take the short drive up the Pohangina Valley to attend the Lions Club’s Small Holders Auction. It is the Club’s major fund raiser for the year and always worth a look.”

Each year the event seems to get bigger.  According to the paper, it’s been running for over 30 years.  So this Saturday just gone, Nathan and I jumped in the Spitfire and tootled up the valley for a look.  (We’re liberated now that the kids can be left to their own devices for a few hours.)

Pohangina Lions Auction


I loved this wonderful old retro freezer.  I don’t know if it’s a runner, but as everything was made to last back in the day, I bet it is.  Hopefully it went to a home where it’s luscious curves will be appreciated.

Pohangina Lions Auction

Row F

 The organisers had set up rows A -H to lay out the lots for the auction; they had to add rows J and K to accommodate all the chattels that turned up.

Pohangina Lions Auction

Picnic set

And I also fell in love with this beautiful picnic set – crockery plates, cups and bowls, real metal knives and forks!  The strong sun made for some challenges when it came to light and shadow, and me without my flash.  So this shot has had a bit of alteration to bring up the features of bidder #266.

Pohangina Lions Auction

All sorts

An amazing array of items turn up every year for auction.  This fabulous saucepan and griddle was hotly contested, selling finally for $45 after a fierce bidding war between two ladies who really wanted that pot!.  The types of people who arrived to check out the goods was almost as varied.

I hope the auction was a success for all participants, and especially for the Lion’s who do great work in our community.  I also hope that those folks who got bitten by the sun have recovered without loosing too much skin.  Be careful out there!


One response to “Small Holder’s 2013

  1. It’s great to see what Lions Clubs do in other countries. Thanks for sharing.

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