Beware – Men in Tights!

14 Feb ’13

I was reading an article in the Herald earlier in the week about living ones life to the fullest – taking opportunities as they arise and making adventures.  A suggestion was to always wonder if what you’re doing is worth photographing.  I like this idea.  Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve found that I have been actively seeking activities that will make interesting photographs.  The offshoot of this has been that we’ve taken the kids to many local events that we’d possibly not have bothered with otherwise.  I hope that we’re making good memories for them.

We’d noticed the advertising for the annual Medieval Market held in Levin when we traveled down to Wellington a few weeks back.  As we were going to be heading down to the capital again to farewell my brother and his partner, leaving on a new Aussie adventure, we decided we’d stop in at the Market on the way south.

Medieval Market, Levin

Medieval Market, Levin

I didn’t actually see any men in tights – but there were plenty of men in helmets, chain mail and robes.  Not to mention Friar Tuck, the Cat in the Hat (I hadn’t realised he was Medieval) and Morris dancers.  Lots of  women too, some in flowery hats and others in warriors costumes.

Pillow Jousting!  Now that sounded like fun.  Billy could not be convinced to give it a go.  Once assured that it  would hold them up, Jake and his Dad climbed on to the pole and proceeded to beat each other with half-stuffed pillows.

Levin Medieval Market

Pillow Jousting

The horrible white sky doesn’t do much for this shot, photographically speaking. But I love the energy, fun and determination that are captured here.  One for the family album, me thinks. Oh, and note the little unicorn who was giving rides, he’s snuck in to the corner of the shot.

A bit later in the day we found the reenactors doing battle with swords and flails.  The looked like they were having a blast.  But is must have been HOT in all those heavy costumes.

Levin Medieval market

Medieval re-enactors

Another great day out with the family.  Thanks Mum and Ruth for joining us.


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