Relay for Life

14 March ’13

Every year since 2001 the city of Palmerston North has held a Relay for Life to raise awareness and cash for cancer treatment.   It is also a time to remember and celebrate those who have fought cancer, the survivors and the people who lost the battle with this devastating disease.

Jacob was invited to join the Palmerston North Cadet Unit team to take part in the Relay.  His friend Brittany is a cadet, and they needed some more bodies to make up team numbers.  Jacob jumped at the chance to be involved, and we were happy to support him.  Sounds like he’s made a bunch of new friends.  Jacob took his camera with him  and got a couple of shots.  Here’s one of the group relaxing between laps.


Cadets at Relay for Life – Credit Jacob Loach

The Lovely Man and I drove in to town on Sunday morning to check out the action.  Lots of tired bodies in a tent city was what we found.  No sign of Jacob though, and we didn’t have any idea what their tent looked like.  After wandering around a bit, considering sending him a text, we fluked locating the boy.  He walked past us with a large sheet of cardboard on his head, taking it to the recycling bin.  “Hi Dad!”  Well, that solved that problem.

They were packing up their tent and gear, so we walked about a bit to see how other teams were getting on.  Runners and walkers, young and old were doggedly completing their circuits of the relay track.

Walking laps

Relaying for Life

The people wearing sashes and leis are cancer survivors.  Kia kaha.

Young girl running

A young relayer

We even managed to find Waldo.

Where's Wally?

Where’s Waldo?

There he is!

Jacob was waiting his turn, lined up with the Cadets team.

Waiting in line

Relayers in waiting

Next time we saw him he was running, baton in hand.

Relay lap


I hope the relay did not cause Jake quite the amount of pain that he seems to be feeling in this shot.  He was tuckered out when he got home.  Up for about 40 hours with only a smidgen of sleep, and he calculated that he ran 13kms in that time, no wonder he was tired.  Poor fella, after a quick shower he flaked out on the couch upstairs.

Sleeping on the couch

All tuckered out – poor wee lamb.

We’re very proud of our boy for doing his bit, putting his best foot forward to support this great community event.  And a big congratulations to the organisers for another successful year.


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