The drought is broken!

22 March ’13

Yes, it rained.  A couple of days of good rain, including the longest electrical storm I’ve experienced here in the Manawatu. The lawn is growing again, and even the hills have a tinge of green about them.  But that’s not the drought in question.

On February 22nd, 2011 an earthquake devastated the beautiful city of Christchurch.  In the days that followed we learned that 185 people had lost their lives.  Much of the city’s heritage was destroyed, the lives of so many lay in ruins. It was truly terrible time for the people of Canterbury.  Two years on the healing has begun, the rebuild is underway, but many are still affected.

A year on from the earthquake there was a rumour spread about that we might be running out of that Kiwi breakfast staple, Marmite.  The factory which produces the black gold was damaged in the earthquake and repairs were going to take awhile.  Within days the jars began disappearing from supermarket shelves, celebrities and even the Prime Minister got involved.

Marmageddon was upon us.  We were told production would be underway in July.   The remaining jars, some half used, were hot property.  Many were auctioned off to raise funds for various charities, some fetching incredible prices. The July date rolled past, all kinds of hitches were holding up new stocks.  Our supply ran out 15/07/12.  It was a sad day.


The end

In to the New Year and still no sign of relief.  Many of us had had to subsist on that Australian substitute –  Vegemite.

A few weeks ago word was out that our favourite toast spread was coming back! A date was set.  We waited in anticipation.  Wednesday was the day – 500,000 jars were distributed around the country at the start of the week, no sales to be made until 12.01am on 20 March.  While not so keen that I sought out a 24hr store to get my fix, I did stop in at the supermarket on my way to work.  I did not want to risk the supplies running out.   “Are you going home to have marmite on toast?”, inquired the checkout operator.  I was not, but I know some people did.

I waited until after work.  When I got home I made some toast, treated myself to butter (not marg) and spread on the goodness…


Marmite on toast


What goodies have you been forced to give up?  What have you finally been able to get your hands on after a long wait?

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Bro.  40 years young today.


Let me know what you think!

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