Eggs and Bacon

02 April ’13

We’ve spent almost every Easter break for the last 13 years at Mangaweka .  The weather has varied from sunny and warm, crisp and frosty to wet and miserable. But every year, whatever the weather,  there’s always been an egg hunt.  One year the neighbour’s dog came over after the Easter Bunny had set out his eggs and scoffed the lot.  That was not a good year.  Another time there was a map with clues.

Rabbit map

An Easter hunt

And every year the kids have got bigger and bigger.

Egg hunt, Mangaweka

Easter hunt 2008

We wonder… “Are they getting too big for Easter hunts?”  Nah, we’ve always decided.  Besides, the Easter Bunny has loads of fun setting them up.

Egg hunt, Mangaweka

Easter Hunt 2009

This year there were clues framed as riddles leading to locations all over the section.

Easter egg hunt

Pondering a clue

The kids worked together really well to figure out the clues and pinpoint the Easter Bunny’s sneaky hiding places.

Easter egg hunt

Found ’em!

Some places took team work to access.

Easter egg hunt


Spirit the Cat, who travels with us, wanted to join in the fun. So she climbed up the oak tree too.

Cat in an oak tree

Spirit hunting Easter plunder

” You could look ALL over the FARM and you wouldn’t find ‘er.
But if you TRACKED ‘ER you might.”
Easter egg hunt


Over the course of an hour they amassed a goodly pile of chocolate eggs to share.

Easter egg hunt

Chocolate eggs

No Easter hunt would be complete without brunch to follow.

Barbequed bacon


Hope you had a relaxing break, and didn’t over indulge in chocolate and hot cross buns.

Hoppy Easter,  Bunny.

Rabbit ears

The Easter Bunny?


2 responses to “Eggs and Bacon

  1. yourothermotherhere

    It sounds like Easter is a lot of fun at your house. Happy Easters always for you and your loved ones!

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