Autumn’s Bounty

06 April ’13

This season is truly plentiful.

Though I’ve been lamenting the poor crop of tomatoes this year, we’ve been blessed with lots of other goodies. Our strawberries just keep on going, and the courgettes have done well after a slow start.

Strawberries and yellow courgette zucchini

Summer colour

As I’ve written previously, the wild blackberries seem to have had the best season ever.  We collected pots and pots of them, transformed their sweet goodness in to  jams and desserts.  I still have some in the freezer – blackberry gin anyone?

Weighing fruit

Blackberries by the Kilo

While up at Mangaweka last weekend the Lovely Man and I found a patch of blackberries that were still fruiting well.  Lacking anything to stash the berries in we simply stood in the sun and ate our fill.  Yum.  We also discovered that one of the old pear trees, a tiny little thing with a split trunk clinging to the hill side, is utterly laded with the biggest pears I’ve ever seen.  They’re not ripe yet.  I hope someone picks them when they are.

Last year there was also plenty of nature’s bounty to be had up there.  Easter was later so we had the feijoas and kiwifruit to eat that weekend.  We found a patch of banana passionfruit on the roadside and just had to help ourselves.  It’s a shame they’re classed as an invasive weed.

All the wonderful colours inspired me to try my hand at a still life.

kiwifruit, feijoa and banana passionfruit

Autumn still life ’12

We are lucky to have friends and family who pass on their excess produce to help us feed the ravening hoards.  We’ve been given bags of green beans, courgettes and cucumbers.  All great stuff, fresh and healthy.  I’ve lost track of how many batches of courgette fritters we’ve made (everybody in the family loves them).  And a couple of picnic courgette tarts have gone down well, too.

This week I was offered some limes and chillies!  “Sounds like a Thai curry”, thought I.  They look gorgeous in my handmade bowl we brought back from Bulgaria.

Bulgarian ceramic bowl

Chillies and limes

As I type a lamb curry with green beans and chillies is simmering in the crock pot.  I can hardly wait….


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