Under the Bridges

15 May ’13

I’ve been “collecting”  rural graffiti.  The urban stuff just seemed too easy, so I set myself a challenge to find and record the spray-can art in the countryside.  Some I posted in Peace, Love and Vegetable Rights.

On Saturday the Lovely Man and I went for a wander down at the Manawatu River bridge, I took my camera.  Underneath the bridge there’s quite a collection of art works.

Ashhurst Bridge Graffiti


Some of it is so uplifting….

Graffiti under  Ashhurst bridge


Maybe a young person can translate….?

Graffiti Ashhurst Bridge


Is that a mushroom on the end?

A few month’s ago, the day we spent at Feilding Steam Traction Society‘s open day, I gathered a few more images.  These two are under the bridge at Menzies Ford on Colyton Road.

Graffiti at Menzies Ford

Heart CV

It’s not often that you see such an anatomically correct heart pierced with arrows.  I wonder if the heart-shaped letters that make up the “CV” are a reflection of the real-to-life heart below.

This one’s my favourite from under the Ashhurst bridge.

Ashhurst Bridge

Rural Graffiti

I’m not sure what it says – but I like it.  I love the sparkles, and especially like that the artist has painted on the ‘runs’ that we’re used to seeing on old-school graffiti.  Has the quality of paint and spray cans improved so that it doesn’t run any more?

This is an on-going project.  I’ll post more of my finds at a later date.

Let me know what you think!

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