No mere trifle

5 June ’13

The Lovely Man and I were just chillin’, watching Food TV a few nights ago. A TV celebrity was cooking his grandmother’s recipe for trifle, complete with a real egg custard.  It occurred to me that I’ve never actually made a trifle.  It’s the kind of dish that only gets made for special occasions, and someone’s Nana or Aunty ‘always makes the trifle’.  So “why don’t you make one,” says the Lovely Man (his Mum ‘always made the trifle’, it had a reputation for getting more and more Sherry-logged each year).  Challenge accepted!

I wasn’t willing to take on the home made egg custard, so my version has Edmond’s Custard Powder custard.  I had the general idea of what goes in to a trifle.  I know that there’s a debate over whether a trifle should contain jelly, I’m in the ‘yes,please’ camp.  Traditionally trifles also contain sherry, but as the kids were going to be eating this one I went with the fruit-juice-only option.

I keep most of the ingredients in my store cupboard.

Jelly, Peaches and custard

Store cupboard staples

I bought a bottle of cream for whipping, and had to get Mum to bring out a sponge cake from town as there were none to be had in Ashhurst.  I layered up the sponge, fruit, jelly and custard in a heavy glass bowl, then left if to set in the fridge.  It has to be a glass bowl so you can see all the lovely layers.


Jelly and Fruit Trifle

Just before serving I topped the dessert off with lashings of whipped cream, then dusted with… Milo!  Only because I didn’t have any chocolate.


Trifle with cream

It was so good, we polished off the whole lot.  And I still have half the sponge cake in freezer for next time.

Lisa’s Jelly Trifle

Unfilled plain sponge cake
2 cans of sliced peaches
Tropical flavoured jelly
600ml custard
Whipped cream and sprinkles
Large glass serving bowl

Make up the pack of jelly to two cups.  Allow to cool and just start to set.  Make up the custard (I use 2 generous tablespoons of custard powder, 6 tspn sugar with 600ml of milk) and allow to cool.  Cut in to pieces  sufficient sponge to make two layers in your bowl.  Line the bottom of the bowl with one layer of sponge then arrange the slices of peach from one can on top of the sponge. Drizzle with a small amount of syrup from the can.  Pour half (1 cup) of the jelly over the peaches, carefully spoon half the custard over this.  Repeat the layers.  Place the bowl of trifle in the fridge to set.   When ready to serve, top off with whipped cream and decorate with sprinkles (Milo, or shaved chocolate).

Let me know what you think!

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