Space to Escape

14 June ’13

Last Sunday afternoon, Cat, Gran and I drove up the Pohangina Valley to check out the exhibition of  local artist, Jill Walcroft. I didn’t take my camera with me, so no photos in this post.

We’d driven up to County Fayre the previous Monday, Queen’s Birthday, in the hope of seeing the exhibition.  But sadly there had been some miscommunication between the venue and the person who organised the advertising – they’re not open public holidays.  It didn’t matter, it’s a lovely drive.  Especially at this time of year with the last of the autumn leaves still clinging to the trees.

This time we arrived to find several other patrons enjoying the afternoon tea on offer at the cafe, and Jill herself was there to great us.  She introduced us to her exhibition, Space to Escape.   Jill’s paintings range from flower mandala and  landscapes, to floral depictions and portraits.  Sales are going well, with about half the paintings already sold – a great result so far.

Jill Walcroft - Artist

Space to Escape

The painting that’s depicted on the flyer is my favourite, I like it very much.  In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that the colours in the painting would clash with the decor in my living room, I think I’d convince the Lovely Man that we should buy it!

While we were there we had a look at the historical photographs and maps that decorate the walls of the cafe.  I love old maps, it was fun trying to figure out what has changed up the valley in the hundred years since the maps where printed.  We indulged in a Devonshire tea – perfect fluffy scones with jam and cream. Delish!

The exhibition runs until the end of June – take the drive up to County Fayre and have a look – you’ll be pleased you did.

2 responses to “Space to Escape

  1. Thanks Lisa for this lovely story about my exhibition, it is the first time I’ve ever done this and I’m enjoying the experience heaps. And Hey, I do commissions if you’d like a painting of the nude in a different colour scheme.

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