Mid-winter feasting

12 July ’13

Mid-winter –  a time to hunker down and keep out of the weather.

There is not much going on at this time of year, at least not much that we want to brave the weather for. And not much to blog about.  I’ve been spending weekend afternoons trying out new recipes.  We’ve enjoyed golden syrup dumplings, creamy leek and chicken pie, a delicious bacon and pumpkin pasta, and a melt-in-the-mouth  lamb curry.  Winter is the time for the comforts of home and comfort food.

Bird on a branch

Wax-eye in the kiwifruit canes

Last weekend we made what’s going to be one of our last visits to Trev’s place at Mangaweka.  While we were there we noticed a flock of wax-eyes enjoying a little mid-winter feast of their own in the kiwifruit canes.

Bird eating fruit

Wax-eye feasting

3 responses to “Mid-winter feasting

  1. I love these wee birdies. I have been making bird art for a few years now. By coincidence I’m working on a painting at the moment of our weeping cherry with wax-eyes in it. I’ve taken my own (not so good) photos of the scene, I’ve sketched a dead wax-eye, but your photos here have really helped me ‘see’ the birds. Lovely photos, well done you.

    • They’re so sweet, wax-eyes have always been a favourite of mine. I’m glad to be of help! I’d love to see your painting when it’s done.

      • Actually, at the moment ‘the’ painting is three little gouache pictures and the birdies are so small there is no detail. But I can feel a bigger piece of art building in the back of my mind.

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