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January 2011

My name is Lisa Loach. I live with my family in the tiny town of Ashhurst, in the  North Island of New Zealand. I’ve been very happily married to my Lovely Man for over 20 years, together we have three great kids.

Photography has been an interest, a hobby and a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  My Dad gave me his old Kodak Instamatic when I was about 10 years old.  It came in a brown leather case, and you had to insert little bulbs in to the pop-up compartment to make the flash work.  I got some intersting shots with that little camera.   I did a short course in photography at High School, but the camera I had would not allow me to realise the vision I had in my mind, so I finished up rather disappointed.

We upgraded to a battery operated  (read Auto-wind and built-in flash – Wahoo!) compact camera that my parents brought back from a trip to Singapore for us. This served us well for years, and I put my creative photographic urges on hold. There seemed to be very little that one could do artistically with a compact camera.

Finally in 2007 I saved up some cash to buy myself a digital camera.  I spent some time researching the features that I wanted, and checked in with my little Bro, who’s been a digital camera buff longer than I have.  In the end I settled on the nifty little Canon Ixus point’n’shoot.  What a revelation this was!  No limits, no developing costs for all those botched efforts.  I fell in love with Macro, went a bit wild taking pictures of the inner secrets of flowers and bothering bugs as they went about their tiny daily lives.  This excellent little camera has travelled all over NZ, to Australia, Singapore, around the UK and Western Europe with us and worked beautifully at recording our adventures.  It still lives in my handbag and goes everywhere I go.  It’s my “just in case” camera.

Eventually I reached the limit of what I could achieve with the Ixus.  So the search began again, this time for a DSLR camera.  Hours of internet research, checking on-line reviews and finding out which cameras the photographers I admired were using.  And another check in with Bro to garner his opinion.  This time I chose the Nikon D90.  I took possession in January 2010.  It has become the second love of my life.

Now, a year on I’m starting to feel comfortable with all those buttons and dials.  I still have much to learn, I know there’s more this baby can do.  This Fifty Two Project is my way of making my self learn and grow with my photography.  Please follow along.

Edit   1 Feb ’13       

Two years on, still blogging, still photographing.  I hope I’ve improved.

Cheers, Lisa

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