2011 Project 52

Links to each weekly post

Week52 – Made it!

Week51 – A Cheat

Week50 – MIRs (Men in Red)

Week49 – I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat…

Week48 – Garden Light

Week47 – There’s two sides to every story

Week46 – Promotions

Week45 – Stockcars, Fireworks – Spectacular

Week44 – Fireworks Night

Week43 – Wabbit!!

Week42 – A Teen Birthday

Week41 – A Week in the Land of the Aucks

Week40(pt2) – Rugby World Cup – Georgia vs Romania

Week40(Pt1) – Living Legends

Week39 – Rugby World Cup – Georgia vs Romania

Week38 – Rugby World Cup – South Africa vs Fiji

Week37 – Totara Reserve

Week36 – A Tart of Apples and Oranges

Week35 – The End of an Era

Week34 – Honours

Week33 –  A Change in the Weather

Week32 –  A Tourist in My Own Town

Week31 – Meh

Week30 – Playing with Fire

Week29 – Spruce up at the Station

Week28 –  Silver Bits

Week27 – Cat Cooks

Week26 – Ashhurst Pohangina Rugby Club Day

Week25 – Class Photo

Week24 – Weka Get-together

Week23 – A Grey Day in Wellington

Week22 – Fire Brigade Training Night

Week21 –  Rugby and Gardening

Week20 – A Break in the Weather

Week19 – Ashhurst Barn Dance

Week18 – Te Manawa Open Day

Week17 – Easter Weekend and ANZAC Remembrance

Week16 – Team Photo

Week15 – Limestone Creek Glow Worm Caves

Week14 – Inside a Yurt

Week13 – Festival of Cultures

Week12(Part2)-Mountains 2 Sea

Week12(Part1) – Shooting the Moon

Week11 – Taihape Gumboot Day

Week10 – Windows and Windmills

Week9 – Christchurch

Week8 – Recreate the Masters

Week7 – Nana’s Ninetieth

Week6 –  Apiti, 125 years young

Week5 – Small Holder’s Auction

Week4 – The Bay

Week3 – Billy Boy’s Birthday

Week2 – New Girls

Week1 – Summer Holiday

A new venture for the New Year

Let me know what you think!

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