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WeekTwo – All dressed up and no where to go

8-14 Jan ’12

Cat and her friend Jess where trying on dresses and messing about, so I volunteered them for an impromptu model shoot.

We had rather bright, late-afternoon sun to work with. I decided to try out a technique I’ve never used before, and warned the kids that they’d have to be patient with me.  I had the girls stand in the shade forward of the garden shrubs, far enough from the plants that we’d get some focus separation. Jake (my ‘lovely assistant’) held a large white sheet of cardboard in such a way that it reflected some of the sun light back on to the models.  Jake was impressed, “I can see the light going over them!” he declared.  I’d chosen to use the 50mm for its crispness and excellent rep as a portrait lens.

Girls dressed up

Jess and Cat - All dressed up and no where to go

F-stop                 f/5
Exposure time    1/200sec
ISO Speed          ISO-200
Focal Length      50mm
Flash                 No 

The first thing we learned is that when working with subjects who wear glasses, one needs to be very careful about where the reflector is placed. Directly in front of them resulted in four large white rectangles glaring back at me.  Not a good look…

I experimented with shooting from higher and lower angles, and using the flash. This one from just below their eye level, and with just the reflector seemed the work out the best.  Using the flash washed out all the detail.  More work required on control of the light –  and the sooner I can get a proper flash unit the better.

Thanks guys for your patience.  😀