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ANZAC Air Show 2013

04 May ’13

Last weekend, almost on the spur of the moment, the Lovely Man, Jacob and I attended an air show.  I’d seen it advertised a few days before, we had no other plans so figured “Why not?”  It was the Vintage Aviator‘s ANZAC show, held at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton.

Saturday morning at home was very windy, so we had doubts as to whether the air show would go on – little planes made of wood and cloth surely can’t fly in a howling gale.  From the Vintage Aviator’s website:-

“Our primary aim is to build WW1 aircraft, engines and propellers to the same exacting standards they were originally made over 90 years ago.”

We kept checking the show’s info line, but it seemed they’d forgotten to update it past the 12 o’clock “assessment of the wind” schedule.  So we decided we’d head on over, if nothing else it would be a pleasant drive.  Amazingly as we headed south down the eastern side of the Ranges the wind slowed and dropped away, it looked good for flying.

I enjoy air shows.  I’m not a plane fanatic or a petrol head, but I love the challenges that photographing planes in flight bring.  It seems to me that I’ve been attending air shows and taking photos of planes for as long as I’ve owned a camera.  Here’s one I found that I took with a little Kodak Instamatic in 1987.

Aerobatic plane

Ohakea Air Show 1987

Twenty five years on, same air field,  and the same plane to0, I suppose.

Air show

RNZAF 75th Anniversary Air Show, Ohakea, 2012

 There’s something awe inspiring about the roar of powerful engines skillfully controlled by the clever men and women who fly them.

Of course I wasn’t expecting so much of the powerful engines from WW1 planes.  We arrived in good time, so had a look around the planes parked on the grass.


One thing I noticed, if you want to see an array of  heavy duty cameras with big lenses, head to an air show.  Man, was there some fire power hung around the necks of a lot of people!

Once the show got going we were treated to a display of precision flying as pilots Continue reading