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WeekOne – Wood cutter Steve

1-7 Jan ’12

Steve located some pine trees for us to add to our winter fire wood stocks. And he kindly offered to help with the harvesting.

This is the third tree the guys felled.  I like how Steve is out in the open light,  and thus highlighted by the darkness of the shadowed woods behind.

Cutting down a pine tree

Steve from afar - how the mighty have fallen

F-stop                f/8
Exposure time    1/125sec
ISO speed          ISO-200
Focal length       125mm 
Flash                 No 

This is the type of shot I had in mind when I set out to the felling grounds with my camera.  The blue haze to the right of the shot is the smoke exhaust from the chainsaw.

Chainsaw cutting up a tree

Steve the lumberjack

 F-stop                f/8
Exposure time    1/125sec
ISO speed          ISO-200
Focal length       70mm
Flash                 Fired 

In this shot I used the built in flash on the camera to fill in the shadows a bit – Steve has his back to the cloud-diffused sunlight. However  I also had to tweak up the light in his face in Photoshop.  The peak on his cap cast a little too much shadow.  Perhaps the flash didn’t quite make it that far… something to work on.

And now, whenever I step out the back door at home I am assailed by the smell of Christmas.  Rings of pine logs are stacked on the drive awaiting the splitter.