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Week 2 – New Girls

8 -14 Jan ’11

Having been tossing up for weeks about starting a 52 project, I finally made the decision to go for it in the second week of the New Year.  I knew I already had plenty of photos to use for the first week, I’d taken lots while we were on holiday. I also thought I had one in the bag for Week 2, so I merrily muddled through the week, looking forward to the shot I planned for Week 3.  Then on Friday afternoon I had a feeling that I should recheck my dates.  Urk – turned out that the shot I thought I had was actually taken on Friday of Week 1!  Dang, so here I am now with only hours left of Week 2 and I’m already almost failing at my new project.  I messed about trying to get a shot of a bejeweled cob web that had appeared in the garden when I turned on the watering system.  But it was too             bright, too hot and the dog kept poking her nose in – literally.                                          Then my Lovely Man turned up with a cluck load of new chickens to add to our flock.  I decided I needed to document their arrival.


A series of unfortunate incidents late last year meant that we needed to restock our small flock of chickens.  So the Lovely Man took a trip to Wanganui to collect some ex-battery hens from a chicken farmer he knows.

It makes me sad to see the state of these creatures when they arrive.  They are disorientated and bemused.  Their faces  almost white and their combs flopping over.   They have no idea how a chicken should behave.  They don’t know how to scratch, how to eat anything other than mash.  But they will learn, we will give them a good life and in return they’ll supply us with beautiful orange-yolked eggs.

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