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Week9 – Christchurch

26 Feb – 4 March ’11

To the people of Christchurch and Canterbury – Kia Kaha

Christchruch Cathedral - in happier times


1 March 2011
Today it is one week since the beautiful city of Christchurch was struck by a deadly earthquake.  As I write the death toll stands at 154, but that number is expected to rise to well over 200.  Families wait in dread and hope to hear news of their missing loved ones.
At 12.51pm today the country observed a two minute silence to reflect on those lost. To hold in our aching hearts all the people who will not be returning to their families, their lives and their homes. All of us around the whole of our little island nation, and those Kiwis residing over seas, stand together with our brothers and sisters in Canterbury. Our petty everyday troubles are put aside as we count ourselves lucky to have our families safe, our homes and businesses standing, the hearts of our cities still beating.

From the New Zealand Herald’s running update page:-


The nation just observed two minutes silence to commemorate those who lost their lives in Tuesday’s earthquake.

Sombre scenes across the nation as people stood in silence in Christchurch, outside Parliament in Wellington, at Aotea Square in Auckland and other spots throughout the country.

Search and rescue workers in quake-torn Christchurch downed their tools and joined the rest of New Zealand in standing in silence.

Prime Minister John Key, who had called for the national period of silence, marked it at the Christchurch Arts Centre.


Pictures from the Herald

My Dad and his partner, Lorraine,  were in Christchurch on holiday when the quake hit.  Thankfully they were not in the central city, but had chosen to have a lazy day and were hanging out in their hotel room at the time.  They managed to escape unhurt and have since made their way home.  For this I am grateful, that I am not among the number still waiting and praying.