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Week52 – Made it!

24th – 31st Dec ’11

So, the last post for 2011.  The busiest time of year – Christmas, New Year, summer holidays.

Family Christmas times 

A get-together with my Dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. Christmas is for kids, and little cousin Zoe is just the right age to enjoy it to the full.

Zoe Christmas

F-stop                  f/8
Exposure time     1/200sec
ISO Speed            ISO-200 
Focal length         125mm 

Christmas Day dinner is held at our place.  Good food, sunshine, family and Continue reading

Week50 – MIRs (Men in Red)

10-16 Dec ’11

The Christmas season is upon us – the community parade on Saturday, then the Fire Brigade family Christmas party on Sunday.  And the weather gods smiled on us.

A Tale of Two Santas

 Wanting to relax and enjoy the days, I decided to set my camera on Aperture priority.  I set the aperture such that the depth of field would allow a wide area of focus.  I could relax knowing that the shutter speed would look after itself as the sun was playing chasey with the clouds.

The parade was fantastic.  And of course the star of the show is Santa.  I walked along with the end of the Parade until Santa’s sleigh was backed by trees (the other background choices are not very photogenic).

Ashhurst Parade

Christmas Parade Santa

 F-stop                  f/7.1
Exposure time     1/1250sec
ISO speed             ISO-200
Focal length         42mm 

The bright mid-day sun meant the camera chose a fast shutter speed.

My Lovely Man volunteered to play Santa at the kids’ party.

Ashhurst Volunteer Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade Santa

 F-stop                 f/8
Exposure time     1/50sec
ISO speed           ISO-200
Focal length         55mm 

Under the trees, shaded from the hot afternoon sun, the camera chose a much slower shutter speed.  It is somewhat slower than I would choose myself for shooting handheld. Luckily it worked out OK. Lesson learned – when letting the camera choose the settings, make sure those settings are actually going to  produce useable pictures.