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Week17 – Easter Weekend and ANZAC Remembrance

23-29 April ’11

Cheating just a little

This week’s post contains some photos that strictly speaking should be in last week.  However as they’re part of the same long-weekend break, I’ve put them all together.

Rewa Valley

This is a shot I’ve been wanting to get for a couple of years. We drive this way when we head up to Mangaweka for weekend breaks.   I’ve noticed how lovely the little valley looks when all the trees turn golden.  But every time it’s been a case of we’re in a hurry or the weather’s not right or ah, too late, all the leaves are gone.    So the shot has not been got.

This time, the Lovely Man and I  made time.    The kidlets had set off earlier in the day with their Grandad.   I judged  the timing to be about right.  Our local trees were  all cloaked in autumn glory and the day was clear, the sky blue.  However, there is that saying about the best laid plans.  When we arrived at Rewa the clouds had moved in, the sun was playing hide and seek.  We parked in a safe spot a little way up the road and walked back down to the bridge from which I wanted to get the shot.  Though the valley  still looked pretty with the braided stream running in its alluvial course and the leaves shimmering yellow on the trees, without the sun it was not the shot I wanted.  So we waited.  Pigeons roosting under the bridge cooed softly, a gentle breeze was blowing.  It would have been a pleasant place to pass the time but for the constant traffic.  Who knew that the Cheltenham Hunterville Road was so busy!?  Every vehicle that passed by made the bridge shake, too, though it didn’t seem to bother the cooing pigeons.  Eventually, after a bit of a wait (thank goodness we didn’t have the kids with us, they have no patience what-so-ever) the sun broke through.  And I got the shot I’ve been waiting for.

Rewa Valley - The long awaited autumn shot

F-stop                  f/8
Exposure           1/125sec
ISO Speed          ISO-320
Focal length    18mm

Apprentice Wood Cutter

Our on going quest for free fire wood.  The more we can gather for just the cost of our own labour, the better.  A local farmer had given us permission to drag out whatever decent wood we could find from his scrap pile up the hill.  Good wood and  fairly  easy  access.  It didn’t take longto cut up and load  a trailer  full. Continue reading

Week8 – Recreate the Masters


Edit – it seems my information was incorrect.

I do regret to point out an error. The famous photo “Lunch attop a Skyscraper, 1932″ was not photographed by Lewis Hine. It is from Charles C. Ebbets. It is also not the Empire State Building, it is the Rockefeller Center. I read this error frequently.
Michael Ebert, university lecturer in photojournalism in Magdeburg/Germany

19 – 25 Feb

This week I decided I’d participate in the Digital Photography School‘s weekly assignment. These assignments are open to anyone, and are a great inspiration to try something new. This week the assignment called for a re-creation of a famous picture – painting or photograph. I chose a well known shot by Lewis Hine, the photographer who documented the construction of the Empire State Building in 1930-31.

He wrote in the introduction to his book Men At Work (published in 1932),

“I have toiled in many industries and associated with thousands of workers. I have brought some of them here to meet you. Some of them are heroes, all of them persons it is a privilege to know.”

Lunch attop a Skyscraper, 1932 - Charles C. Ebbets

The Shot – “Kids take a break”

My chances of rounding up eleven steelworkers to pose on girder in Ashhurst seemed slim.

So instead I opted for a group of neighbourhood kids. I gathered up hats, boxes, gloves and a paper as props and we headed for the school. I knew that there were several likely places on the playground that I could set up the shot. Billy the Kid was staying at his mate’s place for the weekend, so on the way we called in to see if he and his friend would like to join us. They didn’t really want to, but it seemed a good way to get them out of the house for a breath of fresh air. Kids in tow I arrived at the school and scouted out the perfect location – one of the confidence course beams in the Big Kid’s playground. I had my models perch on the beam with their feet dangling, gave them each a hat and arranged them similar to the original photo.

Billy declined to participate.

This is the original picture, SOOC.

F-stop                   f/6.3
Exp Time            1/160 sec
ISO                         ISO-200
Focal Length      18mm

Now the fun began. I knew that in order to achieve the feel of the original I was going to have to carry out some major manipulations. Continue reading