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Week24 – Weka Get-together

11-17 June ’11

This weekend we had a gathering of family and friends at my father-in-law’s fishing bach in Mangaweka.  And something a little different this week.  My beloved D90 has developed a fault and died completely on Saturday.  She’s going to have to spend some time in the shop. I managed to get a few shots before she packed it in completely. This weekend was recorded on three different cameras, I’ve put the whole lot together as my first ever attempt at amature movie-making.  I now have a YouTube account to add to my growing web presence.  😀

Visitors from North of the Bombay Hills.

The Lovely Man and his dad, Trev, had spent a week in Auckland in February visiting with my sister-in-law.  One of the activities Vickie had organised for them was a hunting trip with her friends Ross and Tony.  These guys are professional hunting guides, amongst other things.  You can check out the video from that trip here – go to the 5:30min mark to find our guys. (Warning – please do not watch this if you are sensitive to the idea of hunting, shooting animals and processing them afterwards.) 

Hunting with Ross, Tony and Trev - picture courtesy of the Lovely Man

This weekend we returned the favour.  The guys arrived in Mangaweka on Friday  set for a couple of days of hunting and fishing, barbequing and campfire sing-alongs.  The kidlets and I were joining them on Saturday afternoon, to allow Jake to attend his rugby game.  As luck would have it the game was cancelled along with almost all the other rugby in the region due to bad weather and ground closures.  This meant we could head up Saturday morning, arriving in time for lunch – a boil up of pork bones and watercress, served with buttered bread and salt’n’pepper.  Yum!  Excellent traditional Kiwi kai.

Plane at Mangaweka

The sights of Weka

After lunch Trev, Cat, Jake, Tony, Ross and the Lovely Man went off to view the sights of the Rangitikei.  Billy the Kid and I stayed behind with the dog to greet Vickie and Charlotte when they arrived.  We spent the afternoon chill-axing by Continue reading

Week23 – A Grey Day in Wellington

4 – 10 June ’11

To celebrate the Queen’s birthday, we get a day off from work and school.  We decided a family trip to the capital would be great way to spend the day.  The weather was grey.  We experienced fog, thick fog, cloud, extreme low cloud, mist and a light drizzly rain.  Must be winter…

Wrights Hill

From the web site of the Wrights Hill Fortress Restoration Society Inc:-

Built during World War Two, the Fortress consists of an underground network of tunnels, operation rooms and three gun emplacements. Society members take the public on a one hour long guided tour on Open Days. You can also wander around yourself with the help of a free history pamphlet and map. The experience is fascinating for people of all ages and gives adults and children alike an insight into the measures taken to protect New Zealand during World War Two.

We managed to arrive a little early, not realising that the Open Day didn’t officially start ’til 10am.  But the door was open, and we were invited in as the first visitors of the day.  The volunteers who comprise the Restoration Society were dressed in various period military uniforms, adding to the atmosphere.

Wrights Hill, Wellington

The Open Day programme (Click in photo to enlarge)

Wrights Hill tunnels map, Wellington

Map of Wrights Hill tunnels

It’s rather a maze down there.   All the tunnels and stairs look the same, luckily there are plenty of signs to assist the directionally-challenged, such as myself. We spent two and half hours wandering the passageways and tunnels.  It really is an interesting place to visit.  I’m glad we got there early.  By the time we were ready to leave the crowds were building up, and my does it get noisy in a warren of concrete tunnels filled with yahoo-ing children!

Wrights Hill, Wellington

Wrights Hill tunnels, Wellington underground

Photography in a dimly lit tunnel is …. not easy.  I’d taken my 18-125mm with me, knowing that I would need the wide angle in tight spaces.  However this left Continue reading