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Peace, Love and Vegetable Rights

 3 Feb ’13

At the end of last year it was announced that Sanson’s iconic rugby grandstand is going to be demolished.  Sadly the $500,000 it would cost to restore the old, failing structure was deemed too expensive.

A week or so ago I was reading an article in the Standard about the wish list that the good folk of Sanson have put together for the District Council. One of the options is a “heritage interperation” artwork.  I like this idea.

Prompted by these reports, last Sunday the Lovely Man and I took a ride out to Sanson to get some shots of the building before it is demolished.

Rugby granstand

Sanson Grandstand

The grandstand has had a few Dulux reconditions over the years –  red and  now blue, depending of which brand of beer held the sponsorship.  I’ve recently started photographing rural graffiti, so here’s a couple more to add to the collection.

We climbed up the concrete steps, climbed through the gap that’s been cut in the wire barrier, carefully tested the strength of the timbers in the seating area.  I can see why they’re having to take the building down.  Some parts are loose and rotting, the walls are unstable.  A few other people had been up there before us.  “Peace, Love and Vegetable Rights”!

Peace, Love and Vege Rights for Eternitiy

Peace, Love and Vegetable Rights for Eternity

The grandstand was built almost 100 years ago, back then I doubt it was painted in the garish colours of a beer company billboard.

The Sanson Grandstand in Black and White

The Sanson Grandstand in Black and White

I understand the half a million is a lot of money to spend on one rural building.   But it will be a shame when they pull it down.