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Week37 – Totara Reserve

10 – 16 Sept ’11

The forecast of a beautiful spring day prompted us to  plan a re-visit to the fragment of native bush in the Pohangina Valley.

Forest Giants

Recently I saw some photos taken looking straight up between a group of tall trees.  The wide angle lens used caused a curved effect, making the trunks appear to lean inwards over the viewer.  I was inspired to try some ‘up the trunk’ shots myself.

I’d taken only my 50mm lens with me, so I didn’t get the same leaning-in effect, but I still rather like the results.

Totara Reserve, Pohangina Valley

Luminous Leaves

Totara Reserve - Pohangina Valley

Looking Up

Totara Reserve - Pohangina Valley

Nature's Majesty

Walking amongst these giants, laying hands on the mossy bark, leaning against their solid living trunks to get these shots, I was awed.  We were dwarfed beneath their towering branches, and yet walking in the bush does not feel oppressive. Glimpses of fleeting clouds, the beautiful song of the tui, Continue reading