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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

14 April ’13

Autumnal, it is one of my very favourite words.

I am starting to think the the Weekly Photo Challenge person and I are on the same wavelength.   I’d been thinking about this week’s blog, and decided that I’d write about the change of seasons, the clocks and the weather.

“This week, we want to see photos that represent change. Depending on where in the world you are, this could be a winter landscape blossoming to spring, or vice versa. It could be a picture of a place you’ve left behind and hope never to return to, a photo of a place you hope to reach, or a snapshot of where you currently stand in a journey. Perhaps you’ll capture your child on the cusp of a developmental milestone, or the sun just about to flip the switch between night and day.”  –  Michelle

 I guess the season is changing in the other direction in Michelle’s part of the world.

At 2am last Sunday the clocks changed back to regular time, adding an hour to the day and giving us all a sleep in.  As has happened before,  the weather seemed to take this as a cue to switch to winter mode – or at least autumn.    We stacked fire wood and I was inspired to  make  a crock-pot curry for our dinner, a sure sign that winter’s on its way.

Stacked Fire Wood

Stacked Fire Wood

It has been pleasant to have the fire going in the evenings.

After such a stunning summer the sudden drop in temperature has been a bit of a jolt.  I’ve been wearing jackets to work, and even broke out a merino jersey once or twice.


Winter wardrobe

My fav corduroy jacket,  fine merino jersey and the beautiful
orchid scarf that my brother brought me home  from his trip to Asia.

The recent rain has encouraged the toadstools out of their summer hiding places, they’re popping up all over.

Toadstools on the lawn

Toadstools on the lawn

The Lovely Man and I went foraging for mushrooms this morning, but couldn’t find any on public land that we felt would be right to take.  Those on people’s lawns and in farmer’s paddocks are off-limits.

My spring bulbs are beginning to push their leaves out of the ground and the leaves on the maple trees in the front yard are starting to change colour.

Red maple leaves

Autumn leaves

All in all, much is changing.  Not for the worse or better – just different.   What’s changed in your life recently?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

07 April ’13

It must be fate.  I’ve just discovered the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – this week’s topic is colour (yes, I know I spelt it the American way up there in the title – it has to be like that to match the criteria for the Challenge) and I just happen to have those vibrant chillies sitting in my Bulgarian bowl.

So here’s another shot of the chillies taken on my kitchen table in the last of the afternoon light.  I think they look fabulous.

Green and red chillies


F-stop                        f/5
Exposure time       1/200 sec 
ISO speed                ISO-200
Focal length          50mm

I don’t know if I’ll participate in each Challenge, but this one seemed too serendipitous to ignore.