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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

07 April ’13

It must be fate.  I’ve just discovered the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – this week’s topic is colour (yes, I know I spelt it the American way up there in the title – it has to be like that to match the criteria for the Challenge) and I just happen to have those vibrant chillies sitting in my Bulgarian bowl.

So here’s another shot of the chillies taken on my kitchen table in the last of the afternoon light.  I think they look fabulous.

Green and red chillies


F-stop                        f/5
Exposure time       1/200 sec 
ISO speed                ISO-200
Focal length          50mm

I don’t know if I’ll participate in each Challenge, but this one seemed too serendipitous to ignore.



Week8 – Recreate the Masters


Edit – it seems my information was incorrect.

I do regret to point out an error. The famous photo “Lunch attop a Skyscraper, 1932″ was not photographed by Lewis Hine. It is from Charles C. Ebbets. It is also not the Empire State Building, it is the Rockefeller Center. I read this error frequently.
Michael Ebert, university lecturer in photojournalism in Magdeburg/Germany

19 – 25 Feb

This week I decided I’d participate in the Digital Photography School‘s weekly assignment. These assignments are open to anyone, and are a great inspiration to try something new. This week the assignment called for a re-creation of a famous picture – painting or photograph. I chose a well known shot by Lewis Hine, the photographer who documented the construction of the Empire State Building in 1930-31.

He wrote in the introduction to his book Men At Work (published in 1932),

“I have toiled in many industries and associated with thousands of workers. I have brought some of them here to meet you. Some of them are heroes, all of them persons it is a privilege to know.”

Lunch attop a Skyscraper, 1932 - Charles C. Ebbets

The Shot – “Kids take a break”

My chances of rounding up eleven steelworkers to pose on girder in Ashhurst seemed slim.

So instead I opted for a group of neighbourhood kids. I gathered up hats, boxes, gloves and a paper as props and we headed for the school. I knew that there were several likely places on the playground that I could set up the shot. Billy the Kid was staying at his mate’s place for the weekend, so on the way we called in to see if he and his friend would like to join us. They didn’t really want to, but it seemed a good way to get them out of the house for a breath of fresh air. Kids in tow I arrived at the school and scouted out the perfect location – one of the confidence course beams in the Big Kid’s playground. I had my models perch on the beam with their feet dangling, gave them each a hat and arranged them similar to the original photo.

Billy declined to participate.

This is the original picture, SOOC.

F-stop                   f/6.3
Exp Time            1/160 sec
ISO                         ISO-200
Focal Length      18mm

Now the fun began. I knew that in order to achieve the feel of the original I was going to have to carry out some major manipulations. Continue reading